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1 , in strict accordance with the contract requirements, to provide design criteria , the quality of qualified products.

2, strict inspection and control of raw materials, the original device, component parts into the plant quality .

3, to ensure perfect processing technology for the equipment , detection means complete . Product not shipped with defects .

4 , involving subcontractors supply , quality, equipment performance, technical interfaces, services and other issues bear full responsibility.

5 , according to the contract to provide construction supervision unit standards and drawings , and to facilitate supervision . For supervision equipment downtime to be seized parts of seven days' notice in advance and supervision on behalf of the demand side .

6, the device manufacturing process quality defects occur in a timely manner to the demand side and the supervision on behalf Bulletin, do not hide . If the equipment defects exceeds the criteria stipulated in the contract for unconditional replacement .

In the process of installation and commissioning , equipment quality problems , the first deal with the problem , and then clearly define the responsibilities , all to satisfy the need for progress criteria .

7 , as the supplied equipment in the manufacturing , transportation , loading and unloading the insured , in the event of an accident , we will demand side requirements for the equipment as soon as possible for a free replacement , repair, until

Demand side satisfied.

8, the missing pieces in the process of unpacking and other causes of parts missing, we are responsible for the missing parts filled as soon as possible free of charge .

9 , require on-site service at short notice to respond within one hour , and in the mutually agreed time arrived on the scene .

10 , according to the product profile of the product lifetime technical advice and follow-up service .